View Full Version : Closed DKB 1202 FPU / Memory Expansion Card for A1200

14th December 2014, 22:45
Hi Guys,

Clearing out some of my Amiga goodies :)

This one is the good old classic DKB 1202 card in like-new condition with 8MB Fast RAM and 68882 FPU.

Asking 50 EUD plus 10 EU postage from Australia to wherever you are at.

I will put up pics soon but it's like new and most of you know what they look like :)

Please feel free to pm me any queries.

Good Stuff!! :)


14th December 2014, 23:22
interested pm sent

15th December 2014, 22:07
Did the expansion card for the A1200 sell?

If not, i'm interested if you can tell me a bit more about it. I'm recently back on the amiga scene after picking up an A1200 (had a 500 and 600 as a kid) and am looking at some cheap upgrades for it.

Does the FPU just plug into the trapdoor in the bottom? I'm guessing it increases the available memory and the Mhz of the machine?

What price in AUD and postage to Launceston Tasmania?

Cheers mate

15th December 2014, 22:25

19th December 2014, 09:30
Interest withdrawn, no answer.

21st December 2014, 23:27
I'm still interested if its for sale?

5th January 2015, 05:05
Withdrawing intrest.

Seller not responding to personal messages so transaction could not be completed.