View Full Version : Closed ACT Elektronik Apollo 1260 w/ 32MB Fast Ram and full 68060RC50 @ 50MHz Accelerator for A1200

14th December 2014, 23:22
Well... Here it is.

Something I thought I would never part with, but time to move on and clear out the Amiga goodies to fund an interstate move. :( One day i'll get another one.

This card is in good, original condition with a 32MB 72pin double sided SIMM.

Full 68060RC50 clocked at 50MHz. Never over-clocked - something I always wanted to experiment with to get up to around 80-100MHz but never got a chance.

Always used with a heat sink and obviously the 3.3.V Voltage Reg board.

There had been very some small battery leakage which i repaired myself being an electronic engineer and experienced computer technician I stand by my work and the card doesn't miss a beat. The SCSI add-on board connector has also been removed as it was setup in a desktop configuration.

Photos will be up soon with close ups of the PCB repair which is small and has been reflowed better than the original connection.

Comes with the original disk and manual.

A very rare and sought after card as you are all probably aware.:thumbsup2:

Price is 400 EU plus shipping from Australia to wherever internationally.

PM me for any questions / queries :)


14th December 2014, 23:28
interested in this. pm sent.

15th December 2014, 08:01
#2. Interested. PM sent.

15th December 2014, 10:21
Interest withdrawn

17th December 2014, 12:16
Withdrawing interest.

22nd December 2014, 19:56
Interested. Will send PM

22nd December 2014, 20:02
Isn't this card also for sale on eBay?

25th December 2014, 08:56
Interest withdrawn. Will spend my money on something a bit geographically closer.