View Full Version : Anyone collect comics? Need a helping hand!

15th December 2014, 21:33
Hi all

I know this sort of thing is against the rules, but for retro stuff I agree, but I really need a help with this! I don't know who to ask for help :( I need a hand identifying and valuing around 30 comics I have left in my collection that I want to sell. Is there any collectors here that could help me out? I know roughly the value of some but others I can't find anywhere. It's mostly Grimm Fairy Tales and Witchblade stuff, mostly limited variants. I know asking people can lead to getting ripped off but I only need a little hand and I'm not looking to get rich.

Anyhoo, cheers,

15th December 2014, 21:52
PM sent

15th December 2014, 22:42

16th December 2014, 00:21
Sorry DojoDan, but any price discussion is against the rules. This is also really far outside the scope of AmiBay and would be better discussed on a comic book forum.

Good luck,