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16th December 2014, 19:44
Hi there ,

recapped some of these old A1200s and may someone is interested in this one :)

This is a totally recapped/refurbished A1200 ( 1B board ) including a nice Phase 5 1220/4 in working order , fully installed 4 GB CF card , nice A1200 mouse , an obviously refurbished power supply ( never used but will test it before shipping ! ), OS 3.0 disks and moreover there is one of these original keyboard covers inside the package and the pcmcia slot is integrated to use it for transfer .
I changed all 15 capacitors to nice ceramic ones ( the 4 bigger ones with new capacitors ) and the board passed every test perfectly .
The Phase 5 1220/4 card is comparable with a 68030/25 cpu ( as you can see on the sysinfo screen ) and compatible like hell .
At the moment this Amiga is running with OS 3.0 and a full whdload installation in a great way , but as the rules are on amibay , i will erase all games from the hard disk .

asking for 350 Euro + shipping ( Iban or paypal + fees )

Sorry ...sold outside amibay but without the Pase 5 1220/4 card so i will start a new thread with this fine item ( A1200 will stay in Germany )

Thx for watching

16th December 2014, 21:31
Nice job, Stef. A good recapping like this one will last an extra 20 years easily. Good luck for the sale. You'll make a happy buyer.

I have this funny cover for an A600 and I didn't know it also existed for A1200...