View Full Version : Closed Broken or working cheap original xbox

9th August 2008, 17:15
Preferably broken as its going to get hacked up!

10th August 2008, 14:28
Apparently you can pick these up from game for 20 quid they have even been seen for 9.98 by time you factor in postage costs those would be a better option.

you even get 1 year guarantee but since ur gonna haxxor it i guess that don't matter eh ;)

Kin Hell
10th August 2008, 16:34
@ Rave

As a matter of interest, Wotchya haxin` it up 4?

@ Sarek

Good to see you around m8. Hope u r well & life is good! :)

28th July 2014, 11:36
MODS, please close this thread.

Thank you.