View Full Version : Raspberry Pi emulation anyone?

17th December 2014, 22:01
Hi retrodudes.

I have bought a raspberry pi b+ and i am in the process of building a retro console emulation box of small size to stay under my plasma tv.

I would like to know if any of you would know of a pair of durable and affordable gamepads (not to big) that could work with the pi.

If i can't do that properly, i will look instead into making the pi a 24/24 seti@home computer.


17th December 2014, 22:07
As long as you're using a powered USB hub with the Raspberry Pi (and, honestly, you should be - it works wonders this way), any USB HID gamepad should work fine. You just need to pick what suits you best! :thumbsup:

17th December 2014, 22:11
there has been some success with the xbox 360 wireless receiver and chameleon pi for emulation,

I've done it but can't remember what I did, works great as far as I can remember.

I should dust off the PI and try again.

17th December 2014, 22:22
i useRii Mini i10 Wireless for mediacenter and some game with mame and for other game, i use a pad usb like ps1

17th December 2014, 22:43
Yeah, i'm looking for something wireless.
The Microsoft XBox wireless are great (i have a wired one for my PC) but they are very expensive.

Is the Rii Mini i10 this thing http://www.amazon.fr/Rii-Mini-i10-Wireless-AZERTY/dp/B00JG35QE2 ?

18th December 2014, 00:19
The best pads I know are the original XBox control pads.

Give me a chance to explain why before I get the pitchforks and torches:

I have a very handed friend who has broken master system pads, nes pads, megadrive pads, snes pads, competition pro joysticks, playstation pads, saturn pads, XBox 360. You name it, he's broken it. Except for one. The bulky style XBox pads just won't die.

I'm so glad, because it was costing me a fortune in membrane replacements.

They also modify nicely to USB

18th December 2014, 08:29
yes, this keyboard wireless have a dongle usb and rechargeable battery

20th December 2014, 20:13
Im backing up what was said about the Xbox joypad! they appear to be indestructible... I know things will break eventually but those microsoft pads were made well. Shame about the 360 itself mind lol

8th January 2015, 13:43
God yeah. I don't know what happened to the joypad designer, but the 360 dpad is duff and the shoulder buttons map strangely to a single value using the windows driver.

26th April 2015, 21:21
I had no time to setup all this stuff until now.
I am really p**** off about that Raspberry and linux stuff.
I can't get it to connect to my network, either with wlan0 or eth0, althought i have followed every tutorial on how to update sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces to static ip as per my LAN network.
I can't understand what might be the problem.

The only thing that is actually working is the Microsoft Wireless XBox360 controller.

I have also tried to copy some ROMS with the USB stick method, but they don't appear in Emulation Station.

Actually, i have lost interest in this computer which is everything i have always hated in Linux and why i love Windows.
The only thing that still might interest me is using Limewire to stream Steam to my TV, but it won't do without a proper network setup of course.

Better find a small size windows PC such as a Zotac.