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18th December 2014, 01:31
I have an A3000T motherboard that was rescued from a recycler. They removed it from the case without undoing the screws on the ports, so the connectors on the back are damaged. I believe this to be fully repairable. It has the 68030 processor card, but no ram and I swapped the roms into my A3000.

Asking $150USD plus shipping (its large!) SOLD to Marco06



18th December 2014, 08:13
Declaring interest in A3000T motherboard.

Edit : PM sent

18th December 2014, 08:59
Can you please take some pics from the under side of the board?
Especially from the damaged connector area.

And a picture of the battery area would e nice.

18th December 2014, 09:41
Declaring interest in A3000T motherboard.

18th December 2014, 13:27
I added more pics to the album:


19th December 2014, 04:48
Declaring interest in A3000T motherboard.

Can we get some clearer pics of the corrosion from the battery?

19th December 2014, 07:21
Having 2 A3000T's I can see the RGB port, VGA and selector are damaged, but it seems composite is bend, but not damaged, so you could use that to see if it starts. The battery area looks pretty good, the little green stuff can easily be cleaned (I have seen worse than this). Judging from the bottom photos it seems to be a clean rip out ;-)
That said you still need a PSU and keylock to start it and fastram if that has been taken out.

19th December 2014, 08:35
You don't need a keylock to start an A3000T.

19th December 2014, 15:37
Guys, I do not see any corrosion from the battery. Not sure how to get much clearer pics, but visual inspection shows no signs of leakage!

Crash is first in line, and I am working on a shipping quote to him, if it doesnt work out I'll be sure to contact you in the order interest was declared.

Thank you for your interest and feedback.

- - - Updated - - -

Also, there is no composite out. The RCA jacks are audio :)


20th December 2014, 12:22
I need to withdraw my interrest due to high shipping costs. Good luck with your sale !

20th December 2014, 15:32
Declaring interest to motherboard

20th December 2014, 15:52
Sending PM for info

20th December 2014, 16:58
PM sent Marco. Thank you!

20th December 2014, 23:23
Sold pending payment. Thank you all for your interest!

21st December 2014, 10:45
Payment on the way, confirmed.;)

21st December 2014, 15:00
Received! Thank you!

10th January 2015, 10:48
Received today ! Thanks ! feedback on the way. :thumbsup:

10th January 2015, 17:53
Thank you for the feedback, glad it arrived safely! I always worry about international shipping, wondering if I packed it well enough :) Hope you get some use out of it!!!!!

10th January 2015, 17:56
@Telsar please return feedback so this can be closed :)

10th January 2015, 18:28
Thanks again Telstar, nice packaging ! Indianapolis ---> Montecarlo ! a great voyage ! :thumbsup2: