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18th December 2014, 14:09
Hi Guys
This is an Idea to try and once and for all figure out which ones can be converted and which ones cant!

What I need and I know this is a big ask is this:

1. Picture of card converted
2. Serial Number if present
3. Who converted it if you know
4. which Mach version (picture will show but just in case we cant see it)
5. which 060 chip was used
6. How the card preforms
7. Bios version

Also want any failed conversions as well such as Roys same details.

what I am hoping for is to find out in detail which cards can and cant be done Roy has stated on my other thread that its hit and miss this is just not good enough, Jens will not release the docs for these cards so its upto us as a community to figure out what he knows and make the use of the cards we have. With enought detail and effort by us all we can finally put this to bed. I will start with one I have seen on here for sale.

serial number: Paragon 3005467678
converter: Superbonio
Mach version: Mach130 20JC 9507fpa a
CPU: MC68060RC50 QBG002BC Malaysia
Card works
Bios version: V5.6 1260

18th December 2014, 15:59
ok,as you sent me a pm regarding this ill try my best to tell you what machs were on my two failed apollos i had once...

first one was a mach 130-15jc second was mach130-20jc,didnt write down the serial as i dont think that was important at the time
no pictures im afraid this was over ten years ago.

the eprom was programmed with 5.60 firmware for a 1260 onto a 27c010 and installed in a socket on both cards,cpus tried at the time were revision 5 and 1
regulator was a handmade unit to convert 5 volts into 3,3 volts with diodes in place,not pretty but it worked at the time.

other cards i have converted most have seen those and they run at 80mhz to 100mhz with revision 6 060's,and all have mach131's..so after the mach 130 failure i satyed away from the 130's
ive done a few cards over the years ranging in speed from 50-100mhz...most cards will hit 80mhz without much hassle with a revision 6
they even shipped these running at 66 mhz years ago(full cpu with mmu and fpu) mine had a revision 5 cpu.
all the cards were converted by me,and all cards worked before and after as they should,even the failed conversions worked as 1240's

you wont be able to find out whats on the mach's code wise(any mach on these cards including the mach 210),the fuses are blown when there programmed to protect the code on them.

i wont get into the jens political aspect of these cards as its been drawn out many times before on numerous occasions mostly ending in heated arguments/discussions...i wont go there anymore..its not worth it,so lets just accept the code wont ever be released for these cards.

ive got other notes on these cards,but most of it regards jumpers/pinouts and positions of certain components and there relevance in operation.so i didnt post that.

all the best bud,i hope that helps a bit.

EDIT: i actually bought a stash of mach 131's years ago in hope of programming them(someone had no use for them somewhere in scotland)(just found some notes on it,lol)trust me they cant be read,i even underlined: what a waist of time(underlined)should of tried reading one in programmer before buying any for myself!
i even managed to get some pre-programmed mach210 memory controllers for these cards as well,buggered if i know where they are now,lol(did manage to find one in a anti static bag inside a box of parts)