View Full Version : Found Command-and Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition

Amiga Forever
18th December 2014, 17:30
Looking for CD for it as mine doesnt work at all now. Before you ask....I dont like Origin Commander and conquer zero hour due fact that I cant do modding where if I have CD for it then I can do modding the game if you know what I mean

5th January 2015, 20:04
I have this complete mate. Are you still interested?

Amiga Forever
5th January 2015, 23:55
Yes :thumbsup:

UPDATED - Payment Sented:thumbsup:

Amiga Forever
10th January 2015, 00:02
Item Received:)

Post positive feedback shortly :)

Amiga Forever
10th January 2015, 20:27
Both of us had positive feedback and threads can be closed now :)