View Full Version : How does one remove the floppy drive on an A4000 ?

19th December 2014, 15:42
Its giving lots of problems and I want to take a look at it.

I've opened the case and removed the CDROM drive but i have no idea how to remove the disk drive.

19th December 2014, 15:52
Not sure if I understand you well, but have you tried to remove A4000 front plastic (be careful not to crack the holders)? The rack for 3,5" and 5,25" devices is fully removable to the front direction, but it is fasten by two screws which is accessible only if you carefully remove A4000 front plastic cover.

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19th December 2014, 16:05
Ohhh ok i did not know that.


19th December 2014, 16:07
The Floppy and CDROM bay has to be removed, the two fixing screws are behind the fascia :)

Be careful removing the fascia, the clips break easy.

19th December 2014, 16:10
Photos updated

19th December 2014, 16:51
Thanks guys.. With your help I managed.

The Amiga is assembled once again and fdd seems to be working better :)

If it was a normal 880K i wouldnt have bothered fixing it, just would have replaced but its a 1.76 one :)