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19th December 2014, 21:53
Hello ladies and gentlemen!

(29.12.2014 updated title, read the comments please if you want to see what this machine actually is.)

If there are true collectors here who are missing the ultra rare revision C of the Amiga 4000 desktop family then here is your chance! This is a cleaned, recapped, tested, non-yellowed made in U.K. Amiga 4000.
I could find only two adverts of Amiga 4000 Rev. C sold here and one of them was broken on delivery (loose CPU card). It seems there are more Amiga 4000 Tower models for sale than rev. C. desktops.

What is for sale:

Amiga 4000 Desktop computer, revision C with keyboard and mouse. 040 25Mhz and 12MB of memory (not 100% sure!! read further!)

Mouse is a Golden Image optical mouse and keyboard is a refurbished Amiga 2000 keyboard.

Extra hardware included:

IDE-Flash disk (512MB installed with basic system)
IDE splitter for four disks
Audio Imager sampler by G-soft
External HD floppy drive
Ariadne Ethernet card 10Mbit Rj45/bnc
GVP SCSI+memory card (2/8MB) installed
Videobackup dongle
Scart video cable for Amiga 4000
VGA dongle
Joystick "QJ II Turbo"
IDE CD rom drive
SCSI CD rom drive

Original software disks:

Workbench disks (found them!!)
Multifacecard driver disk
Audio Engineer
GP Fax
Audition 4
Octamed profession (Amiga magazine disk 36)

Unoriginal software disks:

A box of ~ 50 disks. OS + some games. Will not list them here since they do not have any value.

I cleaned the motherboard myself and mr. Jope (if anyone knows him) from Finland recapped both the motherboard and CPU daughtercard. Audio was also tested, no distortion detected. This all happened six months ago.

Now, I will add pictures shortly, however I can not add the most important picture!

That is the one where the system is running and you can see kickstart/OS & devices online. This is because I do not have display which I could use for that. All my monitors refuse to operate with my Amiga. However if there is a serious buyer who is ok with the price I will not only post the kickstart/OS but a Youtube video so that you have 100% verification this is a working computer.

I am not here always and X-mas vacation is definite off-line time for me. If no interest is stated within two weeks I will remove this advert. This item not for sale anywhere else.

Oh yeah, the price.

1500€ (or near offers)- no splitting for now.

Pictures at Onedrive gallery (https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D2800E2272933942!999&authkey=!AA4ofrMtEwwiTdc&ithint=folder%2cjpg)

20th December 2014, 01:37
Not declaring interest, but there is no REV C , that's a normal rev b board

20th December 2014, 06:26
Hi Marmes :) , be careful ..it could be a Rev C board , only Rev D was the cost reduced model with the soldered chip ram on board , but Rev C is nearly the same to Rev B
but much more rare ( good or bad ....i donīt know ) ,
never found any specification on net for this rev , so hard to say and the sticker looks genuine :)
but please ..i donīt want to attack you ...

greetings to Finland and Portugal

20th December 2014, 07:14
We already have had that discussion (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?36651-Really-big-question), look under the cpu card.

As far as I know the sticker tells the sub-revision /fix level.

20th December 2014, 12:42
Yeah, it is what it is. I read from the various sources that there is a revision C and I think this is the closest you can get. I believe the silk screen print on the motherboard tells only the motherboard PCB layout, revision C is probably the "fix" or some component change level.

Photo under CPU (pre-recapping) (https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=d2800e2272933942&id=D2800E2272933942%21344&v=3&ithint=photo,jpg&authkey=!AD9_ZRUI1l0DLGo)

20th December 2014, 16:29
Then my bad :( sorry

21st December 2014, 04:01
Then my bad :( sorry

Maybe it is a rev C. but the full cost reduced model is rev-D with the 2mb chip ram soldered on the motherboard and optional 030/882 also soldered on-board. I say optional because C= Canada shipped an Amiga 4000/LC040 that had the rev-D motherboard but a 040 CPU card. In this model they did not bother to solder on the 030. I have two rev-D motherboards, one with the 030 and one without.

The board pictured here looks more like a Rev-B with 2MB simm for chip ram. The layout is not there for the on-board 030/882, but there is a coin-style battery, although I can't tell from the resolution if this was done to replace the rev-B barrel style battery.


23rd December 2014, 20:20
No it's a board that actually predates the Rev B silkscreen, so it has Ramsey 7 and Super Buster 9, if you had a Rev 1 then it would have had Ramsey 4 and Fat Buster 7 instead of Superbuster and Alice and Lisa are socketed.

My Rev B with Rev C sub revision / fix level.

Remember that if it's printed on the silkscreen below Ramsey, then you actually have one, but as far as know not even our Collector Extrodinaire Tahoe has one, a few of these boards made it to dealers but since no one actually has a photo, they seem to be in numbers less than 10 I guess.

Yeah, it is what it is. I read from the various sources that there is a revision C and I think this is the closest you can get. I believe the silk screen print on the motherboard tells only the motherboard PCB layout, revision C is probably the "fix" or some component change level.

Photo under CPU (pre-recapping) (https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=d2800e2272933942&id=D2800E2272933942%21344&v=3&ithint=photo,jpg&authkey=!AD9_ZRUI1l0DLGo)

29th December 2014, 09:14
O-ok :) I can see that your Rev B subversion C has "Commodore A4000 Rev B" while mine says "Commodore A4000 Rev 2". So Rev 2 is before Rev B? There seems to be not much documentation of this revision, only thing I could find is

rev 1
SIMM socket for Chip RAM
Alice and Lisa are socketed
Fat Buster 7 and Ramsey 4
rechargeable NiCad battery

rev 2
A4000/030 with 68EC030 on A3630
A4000/040 with 68040 on A3640
v3.0Super Buster 9 and Ramsey 7

rev B
Alice and Lisa are soldered to the motherboard
Super Buster 9, soldered to the board

rev C-rev D-

So this would be some oddity between Rev 1 and Rev B? (think I am gonna keep this, too rare to be lost for some random dude looking for his first A4000!).

29th December 2014, 13:25
This is why I love Amibay you get to see the whole history of items and get to see new information come to light. good luck with the sale buddy. Might be an Idea to send this to big book of amiga and amiga resource so they can update their database as well just for interest and confirmation too.