View Full Version : Occasional problems with hard drive

20th December 2014, 10:35
So, been setting up my A4K but sometimes I'm running into occasional problems.

I can (rarely) get a read error from a partition. Sometimes it won't boot
Sometimes a partition will show up as not initialised and will work fine after a reboot.

It was also doing like Reboot or Suspend with an HD0 or DH0 problem once booted. But i switched off and on again and it was fine since.

This problem happens very rarely.

Could it be a max transfer issue ? I did not mess with those settings.

The issues did not arise on the original 160mb but did on the other 2 hd (40gb) I tried.

- - - Updated - - -

Also some games are problematic in WhdLoad when they shouldnt be and i'm thinking it may have to do with this. Problems range from Whdload errors or crashes or sometimes a game will work and sometimes it will load and cause graphical glitches and will be unable to quit.

Sometimes when rebooting the screen will turn yellow and then boot and i will have no fast ram and then a reboot and it works fine.

20th December 2014, 14:10
I'd start sniffing around your simm sockets/fast ram first, in relation to those random crashes. I seem to recall the yellow screen can be related to that, but also can be related to Buster playing silly buggers. If your buster is in a socket, and you're careful, try removing and cleaning the chip and socket up.

Saying this, with all flaky hardware I always like to check out the PSU first. I've been led up the garden path many a time by suspected flaky HDDs/memory/mainboards and whatnot which has turned out in the end to be dodgy power.