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21st December 2014, 16:09
http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?68864-Vampire-Board-A600-In-Hand-and-Ready-to-Ship&p=665088#post665088 NOW SHIPPING ANYWHERE

I have my unused Vampire that I am not unlikely to be using. Got it about a week ago. Just looking for what it cost me. Am shipping to UK only.

Please no timewasters asking what it costs and then not responding. Post if interested not if merely curious! :picard

21st December 2014, 16:11
Hi can you put a price on this please

21st December 2014, 19:29

It cost me 82.87 - RMSD (Next Day allegedly & insured) is 7.15 - that makes 90.03 - I am not looking to make any money, just allow someone to get it now since I am not gonna use mine. It i still sealed in the parcel I got from Kipper. Early Xmas present rather than wait a few weeks for delivery from Canada ;)

5th March 2015, 17:30
Declaring interest. Is this thing still for sale here?

5th March 2015, 19:20
Hey - you guys are twins or something? ^^^^^^^^^ :roll::lol:

(sorry couldn't resist..)

5th March 2015, 20:02
Methanoid told me that the card was sold a month ago, see link to other thread.
Would an admin please be so kind closing this?