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21st December 2014, 20:16
These are hand built PS/2 to Amiga/Atari ST Mouse adapters. You can use a modern optical PS/2 or USB (with PS2 adapter) mouse on your Amiga or Atari ST. I built 3 of these units with 1 for myself for an Amiga 500 and tested them to work with a Logitech basic mouse. This design is not my own, but is based on some open source projects out there with GPL code. I'm simply selling these to recoup the cost of building mine since I had to order a minimum of 3 circuit boards (and thought I'd build a few more).

I haven't tested these with an Atari or other Amiga models, but according to everything I've read, they should work just fine (might not work with the A600 due to the design of the ports). This adapter doesn't support the scroll wheel or extra button functions in its current form. As you can see on the board though, you could solder in a pin header, and add the functionality if you wanted (I can point you to the websites that have the design for this board/code).

The adapter has two jumpers that you simply move either horizontal for Amiga mode or vertical for Atari mode. They are simple and work great.

The board is the 1.0 board design here: http://www.students.tut.fi/~leinone3/ps2mhiiri627/
The code I used is published here: http://ps2m.sotchenko.ru/version.html

Asking $12/ea plus $3 US shipping. I'm based in Vancouver, WA in the US. These are also up on the other bay as well. Shoot me a PM or declare interest.

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And sold! Thanks all.