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22nd December 2014, 10:10
I'm selling an AMIGA Technologies 4000T.
It may need new caps because it shows some graphic glitches when first powered on on the kickstart screen, however these disappear after about 10 seconds.
Its front is yellowed but I'm sure a little Retrobright can fix that.
I'll throw in a Cybervision 64 card that shows up in Early Bootmenu as working but may not be working with the software when installed.
It also has an A3640 inside and I've included a 68040-68060 complete kit with a 68060 CPU so if you're up to it you could upgrade it to a 68060.
Also 16MB fast and 2MB Chipmem on board.
Included will be an A4000T instruction book in German.
No keyboard or mouse, sorry.

Asking price 950 Euro's + Shipping. Paypal as gift or banktransfer.


22nd December 2014, 11:11
Declaring interest for a friend.

22nd December 2014, 11:42
declare interest, pending questions

22nd December 2014, 12:11
interest too

22nd December 2014, 12:43
interest. pm send

22nd December 2014, 14:33
Jack-3d: Your friend is first in line, is he seriously interested?

22nd December 2014, 15:44
Declare interest.... =)

22nd December 2014, 18:55
Yes he is very very interested ;o) Please read my PM with additional questions ;o)

22nd December 2014, 20:43
Declaring interest.

19th January 2015, 16:55
Sold to Jack-3D, money received, package in the mail since friday.