View Full Version : Can an Ni-MH battery leak ?

22nd December 2014, 10:51
The battery of my A4000 was replaced with an Ni-Mh barrel type battery.

Do these eventually leak like the original Ni-Cad ?

22nd December 2014, 11:07
Good quality NiMH cells shouldn't leak for a long time, maybe ever, but it is possible and does happen (http://pc-restorer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/cmos-battery-NiMH550.jpg). Anything that has liquid electrolyte in it might leak.

22nd December 2014, 17:57
I had a barrel NiMh start leaking slightly on me. Not worth the risk IMHO, go with the Coin types for the best results.

Ebay has the best ones for the since you can see the motherboard after you mount it:


22nd December 2014, 18:01
Coin/button cells can leak, too, though (I've seen it a couple of times when buying old electronics that take these types of batteries). I don't think there's any way to get around the risk 100%, no matter what type of battery you go with.

22nd December 2014, 19:36
If you want to protect the motherboard, just install the battery away from it using wires; especially in an A4000 you can probably find space for a little film canister or some such container that can house the battery at a safe distance.

22nd December 2014, 20:15
battery and old caps have leakage

22nd December 2014, 22:33
you could use solid state non electrolite caps i guess. but thats a bit pointless for older hardware