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22nd December 2014, 14:31
I'm reluctantly having to sell my as new White X1000 because of personal circumstances.
It comes with the boingmouse and keyboard, 4 Gigs of ram and a Radeon RV730.
Since this was a BETAtest system it comes with a serial port (however I just noticed that one wire on the connector needs resoldering).
It comes without any harddrives. It has hardly seen use because life got in the way.
The x1000 shopconfigurator puts a system like this when bought today at around 2800 Euro's.
I'm offering it for 500 less.

2300 Euros (or nearest offer), Paypal as gift or banktransfer. +Shipping.

Amiga Supremo
1st January 2015, 16:28
PM sent.


1st January 2015, 18:20
hi amiga supremo just pm sent is not a statement of interest please remember this

Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread. If there are multiple items on offer, you must specify which item(s) or how many you're interested in. In both cases, this should be clear and unambiguous. Please avoid vague statements like "PM sent" or "I might be interested in...", use direct wording such as , "I am interested in...". The clearer you are in your assertions the less likely there will be any ambiguity as to who is next in line. Remember, English isn't everyone's first language here.


Amiga Supremo
2nd January 2015, 00:01
Hi johnim, thankyou for the clarification.

I'm sorry for mistake but English isn't my first language.
I declare interest for the full item.

22nd January 2015, 20:04
Sold to Amiga Supremo.

Amiga Supremo
3rd February 2015, 22:14
I received the AmigaOne X1000 yesterday.
It's very beautiful.
Perfect, OK; Now I'm writing from this AMIGA NG computer.

@ Cameraman
Thank you very much!

3rd February 2015, 22:15
Don't forget the feedback. Have a look here (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?5133-Leaving-feedback-for-your-transactions)

4th February 2015, 03:57
Welcome to the club Amiga Supremo!

Amiga Supremo
4th February 2015, 12:27
@ davideo (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?349-davideo)
Done. :thumbsup:

4th February 2015, 13:46
Sold to Amiga Supremo.

Just you to return feedback please and then we can close this one down.