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10th August 2008, 19:06
Hi all

The purchase of an Efika and Morphos 2.0, has led me to realise that I need to sell my beloved CD32 and SX-32Pro.

I really want to sell these together, as I actually think the CD32 is the best way to protect the SX-32 from any damage in transit. Also it was a right bugger to get the SX-32 in place and I don't won't to damage it pulling it out. At the moment it is all fully working, and will come with OS3.1 preinstalled.

I therefore have the following for sale;

Commodore CD32 (Pal) plus DCE SX-32 Pro '030 40Mhz, with 32MB Fast Ram and 1Gig hard drive. Comes with original Commodore black CD-32 power supply (see below for converted A500 power supply being sold separately), along with Commodore CD-32 controller and black Amiga Technologies mouse. The SX32-Pro was purchased directly from DCE approximately 5 years ago.

275 for the SX32 with Ram and Hard Drive, or 290 for the whole lot together, plus postage.

I also have an Amiga Technologies A4000 Keyboard (UK Spec) which is practically brand new and was purchased from one of the forerunners of ACube about 4 years ago. It's still in its original bag and has no ageing whatsoever. Comes with large din to small din adapter to be used with CD32. 15 or near offer (plus postage).

Commodore CD-1411 (Black) external 3.5" Disk Drive. Originally for the CDTV but used successfully with my set up. Some very slight marks on the front. Purchased second hand from someone on Amibench about 3 years ago. 10 or near offer (plus postage).

Commodore Amiga 500 power supply converted for use with CD32. Has been converted with a CD32 power supply cable, by the CD32 guru Steve Gore. 20 or near offer (plus postage). (Appears I can only attach 4 images, so image available on request)

I'm willing to sell the whole lot collectively for 325 (plus postage).

If I don't get the money I want I will be placing on ebay in approximately two weeks time. Preferred payment method is Paypal, but if someone whats to collect from me and pay cash I'm more than willing (I live in the North West of England, but I'm the in South East next Bank Holiday weekend).

Any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance.

Ed meega: attached images removed as the thread is closed and old.

12th August 2008, 01:38
Hi there!
Do you still have the Amiga 4000 keyboard for sale?
If yes, would you ship to Argentina? Could i pay you with PayPal?


12th August 2008, 07:55

I've now got an agreed sale for the whole lot I'm afraid.

As the transaction goes through I'll keep you posted on everything.

Thanks to Amibay.

13th August 2008, 21:16

I've now got an agreed sale for the whole lot I'm afraid.

As the transaction goes through I'll keep you posted on everything.

Thanks to Amibay.
Not to be a pain in the neck here, but I can't see any offers in this thread except gavilan's. Isn't making offers via PM without first making a post in the thread against the rules? So technically gavilan is first in line for that keyboard.

13th August 2008, 22:00

indeed, Caius is correct in his interpretation of the site rules and guidelines (http://www.amibay.com/faq.php#f41) it does indeed state;-

No silent bidding
You must post your purchase bid in the sellers original topic, clearly stating that you agree to pay the asking price for an item. Purchase bids by PM are not valid and against AmiBay rules.

Now i have to admit I am a little confused, did you manage to strike a deal with someone on AmiBay or outside of AmiBay?


14th August 2008, 03:15
Well I came here via a link on a.org, so maybe he sold it via pm from over there????

14th August 2008, 15:21
@ Zetec-s

Perhaps you would care to explain the chain of events here, for the benefit of the Admin team...??

It appears that a valid expression of interest was made in this thread, however, a transaction appears to have been completed elsewhere. As the seller, you have a duty to keep all threads updated and people informed as to what is happening on all sites where you have offered the item. 'Silent bids' are frowned upon on Amibay, so, to keep things tidy, I would appreciate a synopsis of this transaction.



14th August 2008, 17:07
Please accept my apologies. This is the first time I have used Amibay and I was not completely sure of all the conditions (I admit I hadn't read them in full, I apologise).

I have indeed listed on Amiga.org a link to this advert, and someone contacted me through a pm on that site. They contacted me at 21.50 on the 10th of August, which I believe is before anybody else contacted me. While I was in discussions with the orginal contact for the whole package, I was contacted my another person through Amiga.org about the A4000 keyboard and informed the interested party that if the original deal fell through they would obviously be able to purchase said goods.

As things stand a sale is agreed, however this will not complete until the weekend of the 30th August as we are meeting to exchange goods and money that weekend (due to me being in the South of England then). We both agreed that a face to face meet would be best, so I could show that everything works and they can pay cash.

I hope this clarifies matters to everybodies satisfaction. I will keep you updated with progress.

14th August 2008, 21:47
@ Zetec-s,

Hey, it's OK,

As you now appreciate, the policing of our site is second to not-very-many. We run a tight ship and we are here to serve as well as protect. Our site rules are intended to protect all and I would suggest that you take the time to read them through, we spent a lot of hours making them comprehensive, yet easy to follow. There are a lot, however, bear in mind that so are the rules to other auction and trading sites.

Thanks for the update, your explanation was perfect.

Head Moderator

23rd August 2008, 11:21
Just to update and say that the transaction is now complete and the full system was sold for the agreed 325 to the person who originally contacted me.

Guy drove 2 hours to pick up and seemed very pleased with his purchase.

Thanks to all at Amibay.