View Full Version : A1200 - XCopy - Generic External disk drive with re-jigged Teac PC drive... Will not copy disks :(

26th December 2014, 13:54
My problem seems odd! I managed to bring this external drive back to life after re-jigging a Teac drive mech. It was an NOS (old stock) and is in perfect working condition. It is so old it still has jumper blocks. I managed to re-jig the jumpers so it works perfectly on the Amiga.

So after cleaning the external case controller board and putting it all back I did some formatting and copying via workbench, no problems here at all!

It all changes when booting up XCopy.

The program will insist there is no disk in DF1:

Am I right to assume this is down to the Teac drive?

26th December 2014, 14:24
No disk in drive in XCopy means the the drive is not responding to RDY signal. In WB that is no problem, only when running NDOS Games and XCopy.

26th December 2014, 14:27
Dam it! I made sure everything was set correctly :(

Ive messed up somewhere I guess.

26th December 2014, 15:14
Recheck the jumperblock if RDY is set correctly.