View Full Version : Running UAE from actual Amiga hardware (680xx based, not PPC)

26th December 2014, 22:26
Hi - I was just doing some reading and ended up in a rat hole :) I know I can emulate older Amiga systems under morphos, but I read that UAE (or some type of emulation) can also be run from Amiga 3.x itself. Is this only for ppc upgraded systems? Or can it be run from 680xx series hardware? Assume an Amiga 1200 (68020 ~14MHz) - is there a UAE that would run on it? I'm not saying I want to emulate 680xx code on a 680xx system, I just wanted to clear up all of the confusion I got myself into.

Im not sure if this is the best place for silly questions - if not, please move to where it makes most sense. Thanks!

26th December 2014, 23:15
That actually is not a daft idea, it would be great if there was a working WinUAE for 68k so for example you could run a fully compatible 1.2 A500 emulation on your 060/Gfx card set up.

26th December 2014, 23:57
So something like VirtualBox or VMware Workstation for Amiga - virtualization

30th December 2014, 11:07
On the subject of UAE running on 68k hardware, read here: