View Full Version : Question about Multiscan monitor

27th December 2014, 12:30
I found for very cheap a Sony Trinitron monitor locally

This model: http://www.audioschematics.dk/downloads/manuals/computer/sony%20multiscan%20100sx.pdf

HO R I Z O N TA L S C A N R A N G E 30 to 65 kHz
VE RT I C A L S C A N R A N G E 50 to 120 Hz

Will it work with the A4000 as in can use PAL Hi-Res laced with no flicker etc.. ? And to connect I need a RGB/VGA adapter ?

Can use it for AGA/ECS display ?

27th December 2014, 12:55
no,i think theres a misunderstanding of the word multiscan.

for instance,it is a multiscan monitor because it can handle multiple frequencys.over a minimum and maximum range.

but it cant handle the amigas native modes which are around 15khz.

i hope this explains why it wont work.:)

27th December 2014, 16:59
He could use one of the Productivity Modes
(Multiscan / Euro72 = 31.44 kHz)
but it is very limiting.