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28th December 2014, 15:25

This is going to be a lot of text, but I want to provide as much information as possible. Here it goes:

As the title says, I really can't figure out how to properly install AmigaOS 3.1. I'll list up the specs my Amiga 1200:
Amiga 1200 rev 2B
E/BOX 1200 Tower
Blizzard 1260 with 64MB RAM (not overclocked)
Blizzard SCSI Kit IV with 128MB RAM
PowerFlyer (FastATA MK-I)
4GB CF (bought from AmigaKit) card in primary IDE
DVD-ROM and 160GB HDD in secondary IDE
Mediator PCI 1200 (With Voodoo3, SB 128 and network card)

I used to have a rev 1D4 main board, but changed it out with the rev 2B which has had the capacitors replaced. It is also modified with the timing fix. Have struggled with the PowerFlyer for a while, but got a replacement gayle adapter that worked. Figured it was time to do a fresh install. Now over to the actual current issues...

I reformatted the drive with FFS just to keep things simple. Set the MaxTransfer to 0x1FE00, which I read was a good idea somewhere. The system partition is 500MB, and the rest of the CF is split into two equal size partitions. Everything was quick formated. I installed AmigaOS 3.1, rebooted, and was greeted with a flashing power LED and red flashing Guru Meditation with error code 8000 000B. The only way I could boot into the workbench was by holding down the two mouse buttons when turning on the computer. I then had to select "start without startup sequence" in the menu.

The computer reboots, and it goes into AmigaDOS shell window with a message "please insert volume ENV into any drive". I hit the cancel button and have to type "loadwb" to get into workbench. After I've installed the Blizzard 1260, FastATA and mediator drivers and reboot, I do not need to hold down the mouse buttons. It boots fine to the HDD without any guru meditation error now, but I am yet again greeted with the AmigaDOS shell window. This time it says "C:SetPatch: bad loadfile hunk" and "C:SetPatch failed returncode 10". If I type "loadwb", nothing happens. I've reinstalled the system several times, but get the same results every time.

The first installation that I used were installed using the "easy setup" that were on the CF card when I bought it from AmigaKit. Had no issues with guru meditations and AmigaDOS shell errors. I did experiment a bit with programs and files, so it started to get messy. That's why I wanted to do a clean install. The AmigaKit splash screen also kind of annoyed me a bit.

I also have copied the "startup-sequence" file from the "clean install" and after I've installed all the drivers. Can post these if required.

Also, I am doing everything on a real Amiga with real disks. For some reason, my CF card doesn't show up in WinUAE. If not, I would've prepared it that way...

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

28th December 2014, 16:40
Early guru's just sound like the 060 libraries were not installed at the time. Setpatch sounds like the file is corrupted I would try replacing it or using a different Workbench disk to install with. When you say LoadWB isn't doing anything are you sure it's not loading it but the cli window is still open? Try typing endcli after you have done loadwb.

28th December 2014, 18:40
Yes, you are right. If I do the "boot without startup-sequence" and install only the 060 libraries, everything works just fine. Seems like the FastATA drivers are the problem here. Did a fresh install just now, installed everything except FastATA and no issues. After I installed the FastATA, I got "C:SetPatch: bad loadfile hunk" and "C:SetPatch failed returncode 10".

I typed "loadwb" and got the same result as earlier. I also typed "endcli" this time. The shell window closed, and I were left with a blank screen.

I can get into workbench if I select "boot with no startup-sequence" and close the "please insert volume ENV into any drive" that pop up when booting.

28th December 2014, 20:53
I've had several problems with fastata ...what I did is hold both mouse button to early start up screen and only
enable dh0 to boot only!! then install fastata software and then reboot..then install all other drivers
You still need the 060 libs in first though!
install fastata first this sorted issues I was having
hope this helps

28th December 2014, 22:05
How about installing WB without Blizz connected, install the floppy driver, turn off the 1200, connect the 1260?

28th December 2014, 23:19
Well since you have it sorted out apart from the FastATA at least you have narrowed it down to that. I've not used one of those though so can't offer any more i'm afraid to say.

28th December 2014, 23:59
Yes, got the guru meditation part figured out. Just the 060 libraries missing. I'll try what zooup1972 suggests, couldn't hurt. If not I have a FastATA MK-IV on the way (I hope), it might work better as it is probably 10 years newer. Just hoped I could get the old Power Flyer working so I could install my OS 3.9 CD and try it out.

30th December 2014, 19:19
Got the FastATA MK-IV CF/SATA controller today. Did as zooup1972 suggested, only installed the 060 libraries and then the FastATA software after. No issues now. :) The system wasn't a clean install, though. Have AmigaOS 3.9 with Classic Workbench installed over it. Case closed for now, I guess.