View Full Version : Problems with AmiKit 8 cant install stuff

28th December 2014, 23:40
Hi Guys
Right I have Amikit 8 running on my A1200 but this is the problem I have when i go to install Picasso96 the box appears but no text in any of the boxes this also happens on a lot of other Prefs boxes such as workbench Screen Mode its infuriating cant find a fix or a reason, mind you not sure what is controlling these boxes.

Please let there be someone who knows how here.


Best bit is it works brilliant apart from that.

29th December 2014, 14:25
Not sure, but maybe is an issue with the icon.library, just download the proper one from Aminet: http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/IconLib_46.4 and try.

2nd January 2015, 15:21
HI Merlin
Well after Hours of reinstalls got it to work well almost does not like my Fast ATA otherwise all good.