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10th August 2008, 20:35

Dug out some old utilities which I haven't used for some time, so looking to sell;

Final Calc V1.05, fully boxed including ring bound manual and all disks. Installed this some time ago and it worked fine. 10 plus postage


ST Fax Professional V3.0. As you can see this comes in a CD Case however is infact on two floppy disks. 5 (including postage).


Siamese System V2.1. Used to use this to link my Amiga and Laptop when at Uni (which is nearly 10 years ago!!). 5 (including postage) although will also chuck in serial link cable for another 5 so 10 (including postage).


Feel free to ask any questions. PayPal preferred method of payment.

Thanks in advance

1st September 2008, 22:41
How much will postage to Norway be for FinalCalc?

Dibs, on it if its reasonable :)

Kin Hell
2nd September 2008, 20:49
Gah Arnljot...you total git! :lol:

Bags second dibs please if Arnljot buckles under the postage! :)

...but I'll take the STFax even if Arnljot says yes. :wink:

3rd September 2008, 11:57
Doesn't the siamese system need an ISA card for the PC?

9th September 2008, 17:34
So sorry for delayed reply. Had kind of given up getting a seller.

@ arnljot

Of course you can have Final Calc. I'll look into postage to Sweden. Not at home tonight, but I'll have a look tomorrow and let you know.

@ Kin Hell

ST Fax is yours if you still want it?

@ chiark

This is the version which just used a serial cable. I've actually got a suitable serial cable if your interested? Moving graphics over it was never the fastest though.

Kin Hell
10th September 2008, 00:44
Yes please Zetec-s. But hold on to your Lock-Nuts till Arnljot whimpers about the postage cost!

I`m convinced he will follow tho' tbh! :|

He's that kinda guy! :D

11th September 2008, 17:59
Ah, cool, I'll give that a try then please :)
Paypal OK with you?

Kin Hell
11th September 2008, 18:28
Whats happening with arnljot & FinalCalc! ....Is he having it?

12th September 2008, 10:05
Hi, sorry been really busy the past few days.

I'll look into postage costs over the weekend and get back to you all.

Please accept my apologies.



Kin Hell
24th September 2008, 20:24
....time is elapsing pretty quick here.... :?:

Kin Hell
3rd October 2008, 18:47
No more interest in ST Fax. The thread was taking too long to conclude. I needed a quick fix & found a solution elsewhere. Sorry! :|

3rd December 2008, 08:42
i sure want that siamese cd please contact and we'll do the paypal deal

Kin Hell
3rd December 2008, 13:57
You'll be lucky! :lol:

I should have deleted this thread months ago! :roll:

3rd December 2008, 14:17
i've never done post before, i know if you give me your email send you cash
great i search everwhere for this :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
3rd December 2008, 17:29
@ ponson

The last time Zetec-s was on the site was Nov 11th. He has just not responded to this thread at all & his last remark on here was back on September 12th.
I have sent him a PM demanding he attends this post.

His reluctance to deal with this immediately & concisely will be followed up accordingly.

This is how NOT to deal on AmiBay & a perfect example of bad House keeping by the Member! :roll:

Kin Hell
6th December 2008, 18:55
I posted a PM to Zetec-s on Wed Dec 03, 2008 @ 4:33 pm. It's still sat in my out-box & I expect it to be in a weeks time. Should such events become a "Horizon" in 7 days from the PM, this thread is closed & the members account will be frozen.
This is not the way to conduct yourself on AmiBay.

/....pending closure....

10th December 2008, 14:50
Dear all

Please accept my apologies for such bad house keeping.

The reason I haven't been able to deal with this are numerous, however primarily surround the fact that I sold my house at the end of October, and all my Amiga stuff is currently in storage.

At the same time, I have changed jobs and life has been hectic.

I know that I should have posted this message sooner, so again I apologise.

Also I never received the notification from Kin Hell sent last week, through to my email account.

Once I have a home, I will be listed a lot of Amiga items as I need to get rid.



Kin Hell
10th December 2008, 16:03
I didn't email you Zetec-s I sent you a PM which you now have 4 days after being sent to you! I didn't expect you to come back within the week tbh & I can only base that on your past performance. :|

See PM.


13th January 2010, 15:11
Maybe this one is up for closing mods?

13th January 2010, 15:58
Merlin can tell us. He is from Manchester. Maybe he has news about him. :roll:

13th January 2010, 16:20
Merlin can tell us. He is from Manchester. Maybe he has news about him. :roll:

We're not like you pasok-boys, we don't know everyone in our city :-)

13th January 2010, 16:23
Merlin can tell us. He is from Manchester. Maybe he has news about him. :roll:

We're not like you pasok-boys, we don't know everyone in our city :-)

+1 for the quote contest!:p

13th January 2010, 17:05
Hmmm, there's some thread necromancy going on here methinks.....

13th January 2010, 17:07
I looked through all trade/buy/sell threads I've been involved in today, and ashamed to say, I found this one hanging. I haven't said explicitly "I'm withdrawing" from the final calc, but by asking this thread to be closed should amount to the same thing? Until seller gets back in the game?

13th January 2010, 17:13
Merlin can tell us. He is from Manchester. Maybe he has news about him. :roll:

We're not like you pasok-boys, we don't know everyone in our city :-)

Hahahahaha.... simply the best answer... :D:D

Kin Hell
13th January 2010, 17:32
LOL Andy, but so true. :nod: