View Full Version : Upgrading A4000 from 3630 to 3640

31st December 2014, 11:10
My A3640 arrived and i'm probably going to install it today replacing the A3630 in my A4000.

Since I will be going from an '030 to an '040, is there anything I need to do with regards to compatibility ?

Do I need some sort of 68040.Library or something, or is this included in OS3.9 which is installed in my system ?

I may also have to arrange some settings in my WhdLoad games iirc as its been ages since I had an 040 machine.

If its of any use, the A3640 I have is overclocked to 33Mhz and I believe it has a full 68040 with MMU.

7th January 2015, 03:17
Right, you don't really have to do anything you should have a 68040.library with OS39.
You might want to install Thomas Richter's MMULib (http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/MMULib) which includes another 68040.library if you intend to make use of the MMU for stuff like Mac emulation. There's also other utilities in the distribution that are all intended to work together well like fastexec, remapping ROM to fast RAM and such.
I hope you have a spare 50mhz crystal in case the overclocking to 33mhz makes something else unstable like your RAM.

8th January 2015, 08:20
Yep I have a spare xtal at 50mhz.