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2nd January 2015, 11:29

These days, I am concerned about computer security.
I am especially worried about webcam (and mic) piracy on laptops.
This thing seems to be flourishing for a couple years.

For now, i have only found two models of caches.

- the monkeywi needs to be glued on the computer (http://www.neonmag.fr/piratage-de-webcam-la-solution-monkeywi-galerie-1041983-2356824.html) and i'm not keen to glue anything

- another magnetic thingi which is made for Apple computers and tablet.

Does any of you use a fine cache and can link to one?

2nd January 2015, 13:32
The English word for this is "Webcam Cover", not Cache (cache in English means "Cachette" as in buffer memory, not "hide"/"cover" as in French). Search for webcam cover and you'll get many more results.


2nd January 2015, 13:54
A tiny piece of a post-it note will do the trick just fine ;)

2nd January 2015, 15:24
Or a bit of electrical tape. Not exactly elegant, but cheap and cheerful and does the trick!

2nd January 2015, 15:52
I think privacy is non existent at this point in the internet. I made my webcam/mic (PS3 eye toy) a lens hat. Haha. looks like it has an errection but it will stop any snoopers looking at my gaming and film collection. :)

Before anyone accuses me of being a few paranoid thoughts from making wearing a tin hat and joining infowars, i feel (in my opinion) there is plenty of info on the web to give more than enough evidence that legitimate companies can access your mics and webcams let alone any one doing it illegally. I am creative so i made a tube but i agree that a post-it note or some tape will do the job just fine too. :)

2nd January 2015, 16:52
Indeed, googling for webcam cover gives more results (but i was looking for a french product to get it faster).

The problem remains with the mic. Any way to mute it out for sure?

2nd January 2015, 17:20
Before anyone accuses me of being a few paranoid thoughts from making wearing a tin hat

Given that there is known malware out there that absolutely does try to activate webcams and mics, I think you are justified in your actions. These devices should really have phyiscal hardware switches to enable/disable them.

2nd January 2015, 17:23
The webcam of our laptop sees only the white kitchen wall or the ugly mug of yours truly in case someone might be eavesdropping. :lol:

A small background program that monitors line-in and shows graphically if there's any activity might be a good idea.

2nd January 2015, 18:00
So after having reviewed everything on the internet, the monkeywi appears to be the best solution.
Just bought 3 of them.

Now, i have to check about the mic, thought i'm not usually talking much to my computer.

2nd January 2015, 18:06
My webcam is so action-packed that anyone spying via my webcam will die of a heart attack thus restoring nature's balance.

I like to do my bit

2nd January 2015, 23:07
This is actually bad and scary .My Webcam turned on automatically twice before and I thought that it was on drugs or something

2nd January 2015, 23:50
I feel really sorry for anyone who thinks they can profit from the contents of my webcam. They really have reached a deep dark place in life and need some expensive therapy.


23rd January 2015, 14:01
Well, if you are doing something in front of your computer that requires covering the webcam, then you are doing something you are not supposed to :) stop it!! :D

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