View Full Version : A question on A1200 timing fixes

2nd January 2015, 16:26
I read on various places that to work with ACA certain motherboard require timing fixes. What happens if a motherboard needs a timing fix and you install an ACA card on it? It just won't work?


2nd January 2015, 20:11
I'm not an expert, but did a lot of reading regarding this subject. From what I could find, the computer will either not boot (black screen), or it will boot up. If it does boot up, it might be unstable, work fine for 10 minutes and then crash. Also this seems to apply for the later revisions like 1D4 and 2B. Not hard to do the timing fixes, though. This site has the necessary information on how to do it: http://www.ianstedman.co.uk/Amiga/amiga_hacks/A1200_Mobo_fix/a1200_mobo_fix.html

2nd January 2015, 20:12
Thanks =)