View Full Version : Sold Amiga 4000D working, but battery leakage

Jon Hare
6th June 2010, 16:07
I'm selling an A4000D. The Amiga comes without CPU board. It's equipped with a daughterboard, BSC Tandem CD Rom/IDE Controller + CD Rom, Diskdrive, Harddisk (unknown size).

The A4000D boots up with no problems (tried it with my A3640) even if there is a battery leakage on the board. Only thing I discovered which isn't working is the mouse port (Joyport maybe too?). As I'm not used to such a repair/cleaning I'd like to sell this A4000 to someone who's able to clean the board and maybe fix the issue with the mouseport and probably others.

The case itself is in good condition, only some yellowing to the right front bezel and in the region of the internal drive.

I'd like to ask for 250 + shipping for this Amiga. PayPal accepted (+2% EU, 4% worldwide).

6th June 2010, 17:38
Interested, pm'ing for details.

6th June 2010, 17:54
Aaargh! Remove that battery now! :blink:

6th June 2010, 23:07
Aaargh! Remove that battery now! :blink:

He's right, take a small cutter and do the front side first , then back.
I also paid 250 for an A4000, but my battery damage was far less than this one.
The best thing of all is that I now got one that's pretty good also and almost for nothing :D
Only downside there is that Superbuster is not socketed, but the battery is new.

Jon Hare
7th June 2010, 20:28
Agreed to a deal with ajk :)

Details for payment sent...

25th June 2010, 16:05
The A4000 has arrived :) Have taken the battery out and will start cleaning up the mess it has left. I'll post the results in a new thread later on.


25th June 2010, 17:01
Time to close the thread then :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool: