View Full Version : Which mediacenter for RPi?

8th January 2015, 16:18
Which mediacenter would be better for Raspberry Pi, OpenElec or RaspBMC?

I want to play music stored to my NAS through my amp so that I can use a rablet remote to control the media center so that I don't need to have any other displays on. RaspBMC supports this but what about OpenElec?

10th January 2015, 17:23
I "vote" for OpenElec. More stable and robust than RaspBMC and snappier interface too...
A whole team is beside this project, frequently updating and maintaining it...

I have great respect for RaspBMC's developer for maintaining such a project, but I prefer OpenELEC for the above reasons.

I use it with Yatse 2 as a remote on my tablet and I find it a great combination.

10th January 2015, 18:14
If your only need is to play music, my vote goes to Volumio: http://volumio.org/
Possibly coupled with one of those http://volumio.org/raspberry-pi-i2s-dac-sounds-so-good/ (the stock audio part of the Raspberry PI is pretty noisy).