View Full Version : Commodore 2065 for internet access

8th January 2015, 22:00
Hello all,

I have just acquired a lovely old Commodore 2065 Ethernet card, in my quest to use the original hardware I was hoping to pop it in an A3000 and set it up for internet access rather than go the XSurf route.

There seems to be very little info I can find on doing this, am I right in thinking I need some sort of transceiver to connect the card to a router? I think I can figure my way through the software side, its more making sure I have got the hardware right first :-)

Any pointers would be much appreciated, thanks.

9th January 2015, 08:12
Yes you need an AUI to RJ45 Tranceiver. Like this one:


You don't need any special software for it.