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8th January 2015, 23:11
I've just registered a domain name with fasthosts.co.uk and all I want it to do is load a url I specify when the registered url is typed in a browser. I've looked all over the site and read as much as I can before my head explodes (why do things have to be so difficult?) can anyone help me out with this?

9th January 2015, 00:09
Sounds like you want to create an index.html that contains a javascript redirect to the url destination with a note that says, Redirecting. If you see this message for more than 5 seconds then click here, and here is an anchor link to your destination url.

If you're new to html and javascript I can write these for you, but I haven't in case it was patronising.

9th January 2015, 00:11
Sounds like URL redirection you're after so if you're domain is http://bob.com but you want anyone who goes to that to actually hit http://kev.com/games/awesome then you would need to register the redirection with fasthosts if that's something they offer?

9th January 2015, 00:23
Bottom line is the method you choose depends on whether you own the target URL or not and also whether you want to redirect just the domain.

You need to tell us more about what you want to do. If for example you want all traffic at www.xxx.com/<anything> to really hit www.yyy.com/<anything> then the simplest way is with a cname record in the DNS for www.xxx.com, but you at least need the permission of the owner of www.yyy.com (well, it's polite at least!)

If you want everything to go to a specific page thats different to the one given then yep, that's html redirection as above.

10th January 2015, 18:49
Alright the redirection part I got working, it was a free add on I had to select. But after seeing it, I decided this was not good enough as it was still showing the old url once it was redirected.

So I went and got some hosting and I have the name servers for it. I can use the temp url where it's hosted and the site is online and working. But when I put the name servers into the domain management part of fasthosts and save it, I only get a standard page holder.

How long does it take to update the name servers once you input them? or do I have to change something else as well?

Bare in mind i'm a total newb at this hosting business so you will have to talk slowly to me about it :)

Any help appreciated.

10th January 2015, 19:29
Normally this would expect to take up to 24 hours but in reality I have seen this type of change take a few hours previously. It will likely be sporadic in the interim as it needs to reach all Name servers so you might find people on sky might get updated before Virgin or vice versa etc.

Hope this helps.

10th January 2015, 19:31
Can't remember, but I'm using it though 123reg, there's an option to point my domain else ware so its pointing at a WordPress hosted site.

11th January 2015, 14:02
Ah it's working now.... I needed to clear my cache :)

Thanks for all the suggestions.