View Full Version : Chipram after using higher resolution & colours & backgrounds

9th January 2015, 07:08
On my Amigas if I increase the resolution, but especially if I increase the colors or add backgrounds in OS3.9 it dramatically reduces the chipram.

Is there a way to make it only use fast memory instead of chipram given that the Amiga is limited to 2MB chip but my A1200 has 64MB fast and my A4000 has 16MB fast ?

9th January 2015, 08:24
You can use patches such as FBlit, which attempt to put things to fast RAM if at all possible. But using a bigger resolution or more colours is always going to use up chip RAM, there is no way around it.

9th January 2015, 08:25
chipram = graphics memory

the only real way i know of to save chipram and have a nicer/larger workbench display is get an rtg card,after that chipram wont be used alot no matter what resolution or amount of colours you have.

9th January 2015, 08:55
Not a problem on the a4000 as in waiting for a Picasso ii I just bought but the a1200 I guess I'm stuck. I'll try installing classicwb instead of os3.9

9th January 2015, 08:58
3.5 and 3.9 are beasts when it comes to chipram use.

best of luck.

10th January 2015, 09:09
Try using fblit and icon.library from peterk. Those reduce chip mem usage.