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10th January 2015, 13:13
I received my Gotek and it worked fine on an A500

I tried making an extension cable for floppy power and I must have mixed the wires of the voltages. Anyway I killed an 8GB USB stick

Now I am using the proper power cable and another USB stick

It boots the Selector ADF fine but then gives me Cortex FE Init error!

Any help please ?

10th January 2015, 14:41
More info:

It is only working with my 16GB TDF stick... It wont work with another two usb sticks i tried

Also, it managed to get to the menu when i set it as DF1 and i selected two disks (alien breed se disk1 and 2)

The game wouldnt load ... prob cause of the DF1 thing.... Rebooted ... It loaded selector and gave the FE Init error

Set the drive to DF0 and same FE init error... Rebooted and selected Disk1 and Alien Breed SE loaded :O

---UPDATE 1 ----

I did nothing special but now it worked ... DFO and allowed me to select disk again and worked perfect.

Have not tried reset yet

10th January 2015, 14:54

10th January 2015, 15:07
How do these things always happen to you dougal? :lol:

10th January 2015, 15:23
:lol: Trust me luck!

Anyways --- another update --- Its working fine :) :)

How do these things always happen to you dougal? :lol:

4th January 2017, 21:11
what actually fixed your problem?

5th January 2017, 22:52
Can't remember now. It was 2 years ago :O

I've since put the Gotek inside an Atari STe because I mostly only use WhdLoad on my Amiga's.

5th January 2017, 23:58
This is quite a thread revival, i didnt realise you could use the goteks in atari st, how do your format them for atari st operating system?