View Full Version : ACA500 and Gotek

12th January 2015, 14:02

Does anyone know whether My A500 with ACA500 would play nicely with a Gotek drive as DF0? Thinking of getting a Gotek but bit unsure as to how the two will get on with each other.


12th January 2015, 14:06
I really don't see why not, I would have tested it for you but I just 1 hr ago shipped my Gotek out the door in an A1200!

12th January 2015, 14:08
as steve says,i cant see why not..

it works with normal floppy drive doesn't it?,well it should.

12th January 2015, 14:12
Thanks guys. My only concern would then be if there is a conflict on booting ie what device takes priority...and if its the ACA how do I then select the Gotek?

12th January 2015, 14:15
It works the same as non ACA, i.e if a Floppy Disk is present then the it will boot from floppy, if not then it will boot from the HDD. With my A1200 I found that by removing the USB stick it would boot from HDD/CF and then with the USB inserted I get the Gotek menu or whatever ADF is mounted, I expect exactly the same behavior with the ACA500 :)

Of course, unless you disable the ACA boot menu then that is the first thing you will see, then after you load your rom it will boot in the normal priority order of your devices.

If all else fails, you can hold both mouse buttons after switching on (and after the ACA menu screen) and manually select what device to boot from.

12th January 2015, 14:23
Thanks that makes sense. I'll push the 'buy' button :-)