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12th January 2015, 15:19
Hi all,

I spent a good chunk of yesterday going through setting up a 32GB PATA SSD that I have (a king spec one) for use initially in my A4000D and then in a week or so when it turns up (hopefully) in an A1200 that I have coming.

So far I have:

KS: 3.0
WB: 3.1
Device: scsi.device 43.45 for A4000 (from the CWB - but I'm not running CWB) using LoadModule
FS: PFS3 installed to the drive's block area (forget what it's called).
Partitions: WB - 512MB, Games & Data, both half of whats left. Approximately half anyway. Around 14G each.

Now, straight away, I'm sure the KS3.0 / WB3.1 isn't ideal but it's been like that for a long time now and I don't really want to have to re-do my WB partition to downgrade it to 3.0 so I'm hoping that's not the cause. When the 1200 turns up I will upgrade to WB3.1 anyway.

I've set the disk up and it all works fine in WinUAE as IDE 0. Initially I was on the next scsi.device up. 44.2 Doobry. Check4GB under WinUAE reports all OK for the two partitions that are over 4GB.

So I put the disk in my A4000D and it refused to see partition DH2: at all which happens to be DATA: and has stuff on it needed to boot so it wouldn't get as far as the W/B. After dropping down a version of scsi.device to 43.45 the system boots up fine and all appears well bar one thing that I'll come to in a moment but Check4G no longer says OK for the two large partitions, it says "* N S" which I take to mean T64 is not supported by something. But is it otherwise OK?? Am I safe to use this?

The one thing that isn't right regardless (on WinUAE with 44.2 scsi or real with 43.45 scsi) is that the window title for Games and Data don't state the correct free space. Is that normal and presumably just because I'm on WB3.1?

At a later date I should have my GBA1000 fully accelerated at which point I'll probably put 3.9 on there but for the 1200 (and until that arrives the 4000) I was going to stick with 3.1 as it will primarily be for gaming.

I think I've got a reasonable grasp on all of this but if anyone could just fill in the missing bits in my knowledge I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and thanks for fitsteve for your YouTube video. You do make it nice and straightforward :)

12th January 2015, 15:29
Hey I'm glad my Video helped :)

Your free space issue is WB3.1, when you use 3.9 you should get the correct space reported back. (I'm not sure if there is any patch for 3.1 maybe there is?) I think you are safe to use these partitions, Thomas sent me an updated version of check4gb that is compatible with PFS2AIO, I will see if I can dig it out so you can check to be 100% sure.

Edit - here ya go:


12th January 2015, 15:52
Ah, thanks - I'll load that up and give it a whirl tonight. My head was so done in by the time I got to the end of it all I wasn't 100% sure what I was up to any more :P

12th January 2015, 15:55
If it helps, here's my thread on setting this up under WB3.1

Admittedly it is using a WarpEngine SCSI device but, other than that, the other info should be pertinent.

And yes, eventhough I did eventually get all to work under 3.1, I eventually decided OS3.9 was so much less heartache and moved across... :)


12th January 2015, 16:12
Hmm, just read that thread and I'm a little unsure how much or what I should be taking away from it as applies to a non WarpEngine setup? The main thing I see at the end is the NDS patch.

Incidentally, I should probably mention that I used OS3.9 on UAE to set my drive up, but when it came time to copy over my WorkBench partition, I plugged in a CF card that had my existing 3.1WB on it and copied that over instead as that has all my Miami setup and everything and it's been too long since I got that working and don't really fancy going through all that again!

SO, when I get the 1200 and put 3.1 ROMs in it, can I upgrade to OS3.9 'in-situ' without having to start again? I do intend to fit a 1233/040 in the 1200 and a scan doubler so performance shouldn't be too bad.

13th January 2015, 01:01
All sorted thank you!

After spending a few hours mucking about with games I got the 4000 onto the net (serial cable slip network via macbook - proper old school modem speeds!), downloaded that file and check4GB is indeed happy as larry with what I have done. Therefore so am i :)

13th January 2015, 01:18
Glad to hear that :)

26th January 2015, 09:20
This table:

And this FAQ:

Are awesome at giving an overview and detailed explanation of the size limits associated with harddrives, partitions, file systems and device drivers on the Amiga.