View Full Version : Using PC Midi on an Amiga with just a Null Modem cable

13th January 2015, 00:09
I had this idea when I was pretty sick and was running a fever, why can't you just use a serial to serial connection with a PC for MIDI music?
Answer: You can!
Munt the MT-32 emulator on the Windows shows up as normal midi channel so with a serial to midi bridge utility on the PC side pointing at the MT-32 Synth Emulator, games on the Amiga, and probably other Midi software outputs Midi over the serial port with just a null modem cable.
Tested so far Hero's Quest 2 (Quest for Glory 2) by Sierra. You can also use Microsoft's Wavetable Synth if you want. Munt however shows the little MT-32 LCD display messages. Still working on getting it working in Shapeshifter.
The only real trick to it was using either a real midi port on the PC, or using a Serial device that you can set to 31500 on the PC side.

Now what would be really neat if Novacoder's SCUMMVM port worked with it. And also if he could fix the SCI/AGI speed. Maybe this would offload some of the CPU time and make the SCI/AGI games playable?

13th January 2015, 00:55
So simple. Yet, I would never have thought of this by myself. Nice one! Thank you so much for sharing too.

13th January 2015, 22:57
Got it working in Shapeshifter as well, just needed the Midishape.lha driver for Shapeshifter.
Tested with MT-32 in Shapeshifter:
Leisure Suit Larry 1 remake
Leisure Suit Larry 5
Space Quest 1 remake
Space Quest IV
Kings Quest V
Castle of Dr. Brain

Also works with Ultima 7 Exult engine in native Midi mode, does seem a bit faster than the software Midi rendering mode.
Aaaaand works with Fusion as well.