View Full Version : Closed Amstrad 6128 and 464 3" disc software

13th January 2015, 15:54
Hi all

Got some 3" disc software for the Amstrad...

TasWord, TasCopy, TasSpell and TasPrint, along with Tas-Diary. All complete with manuals.

81685 81686

Mini Office 2 and Computer Scrabble Deluxe with manuals.


Dr Logo, Master Chess, Micro Script and Programming Utilities (discs only)


Was looking for 5 each for the Tasman software (or all 5 for 20) same for the two in the middle, and 5 in total for all four discs at the bottom. Postage not included. Will post worldwide.

Will do a deal for all or majority bundles too. Many thanks

13th January 2015, 16:04
hi,im interested in the four disks at the bottom

could you tell me how much plus postage please,i think you have my address bud:)

13th January 2015, 16:24
probably 2.80 with royal mail, I could try and get them lying flat to make it cheaper but would risk damage I think so small parcel is the best way to go

13th January 2015, 18:04
now worries i think i still have your paypal deets so ill sort this now..

if its not enough just let me know bud:)

EDIT: payment sent:)

13th January 2015, 20:46
sounds fella, cheers will get them out hopefully tomorrow

15th January 2015, 11:19
disks are here leaving feedback now mate:)

i haven't checked them or anything,but its no big deal

15th January 2015, 18:31
Tasman software now sold elsewhere.

Scrabble and office withdrawn as I think the office disc is a copy.