View Full Version : CS MK2 060 FlashRom

15th January 2015, 10:11
Does anyone here can provide a dump of the CS MK2 060 Flash rom with the original firmware/bootloader? Would it be possible to flash it by software?

I've in the past flashed my CS with the modified Carsten Rock Firmware/bootloader but wanted to revert to the original one and can't find anywere (should have made a dump backup initialy... :Doh:).

15th January 2015, 11:29
If you can explain how to dump the firmware from within AmigaOS, i could dump mine.
What is this Carsten Rock Firmware?

15th January 2015, 12:25
It's an alternative firmware for the Cyberstorm MK1/MK2 made by Carsten Schlote (ex. Phase 5) named MKxDiag, with also modified 060 libs and more. Not much info on the web...


Thanks, Marmes already sent me a dump, but I don't think it will be possible to flash by software.

Will try to flash the 8.6 scsi upgrade to see if it changes the bootloader to original also.