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16th January 2015, 21:35
hi, my a4000 has a 3640 v3 i think and for some reason i cant run sysinfo or sspeed26.
sysinfo loads but shows nothing for cpu and when i run speed the system crashes,resets.
sspeed wont even load,click icon nothing happens.

it runs amigadoom reasonable,maybe 20fps,so that means the 3640 is ok???
i did change the old xc 040/25 to a mc 040/33 l88m mask i think it was. made it heaps cooler
mainboard and 3640 fully recapped

16th January 2015, 23:36
just asking,,

is your 3640 definatley a 3.0 or is it a 3.1

also is the cpu a full 040 or is it the LC version ?

as both 3640 v3.1 and / or an LC version are known to crash sysinfo and others.


17th January 2015, 00:06
hmm just checked and it a 3.1 and it full 040
ithought it was 3 lol,soo???? can i still run a speed test program?

17th January 2015, 00:54
i did change the old xc 040/25 to a mc 040/33 l88m mask i think it was. made it heaps cooler
mainboard and 3640 fully recapped

It's a great thing to replace the XC with an MC.

Contrary to popular belief, the XCs do actually run significantly hotter than the MCs due to manufacture before final optimisations were made. The XCs were much cheaper to purchase than the MCs too after the MC was released.

Although there are even boards designed for use inside a small Amiga (1260 in an A1200) that include the cheaper XC versions, Amigans were encouraged to migrate thier computers into tower cases. For those wanting to retain the smaller case, an MC chip could be installed, which is preferable anyway. An MC060 runs significantly cooler than even an MC040 should you want a really cool machine.

The cooler running of your machine will help it run without problems for many more years.

It's a shame that Sysinfo doesn't run (make sure you've tried version 4 before giving up), but at least you have Doom and Genetic Species to let you know how hot (now, thankfully not so much in a literal sense) your Amiga is.

17th January 2015, 07:30
What version are you running mate? I had Sysinfo 3.0 which wouldn't recognise my 040 on a Progressive Peripherals accelerator, updated to latest one here (think it was 3.24 at the time, its now 4.0) http://sysinfo.d0.se/ and it was fine after that.

If all else fails, grab a copy of Sysspeed, does much the same thing.

17th January 2015, 14:36
Stupid question, but did you make sure you have 68040.library in your libs folder ?

17th January 2015, 14:49
20fps is about right for Doom with an 040, you get around 30fps with an 060.

So I'm sure your hardware is fine, it's probably a library issue causing the crash.

17th January 2015, 20:58
yes tried 3.24 and 4 sysinfo and both showed nothing in cpu info aand reset when i ran speed .
i tried sysspeed/sspeed as mentioned in first post. i click icon and i think it says attempting quickly at the top but nothing loads.
iv tried 2 different 040.lib and still same

sardine said the 3.1 3640 in known to crash in sysinfo and others though????

17th January 2015, 21:15
Just a thought, but is it a genuine CPU? Maybe it is re-printed LC variant? There are fakes like this on the market, sellers exploiting people who look for the sought after mask CPU's, same go for Rev6 060's.

Check the documntation for SysSpeed and make sure you have the required libs to run it. Maybe it needs MUI, you have MUI installed?

17th January 2015, 21:24
well i think its a full 040,any way to tell??
anyone able to post links to latest 040.lib and mui ?? that i could try pls

17th January 2015, 21:28
Try whichamiga:


17th January 2015, 22:51
the 040 lib is the one shipped on the install disk of 3.1,if you did a full install its already there in the libs drawer

as for the cpu,just try to use the fpu...run a Mandelbrot renderer for fpu use and see if it works lc cpu's dont have a functioning fpu in the dye.
or any fpu based software.

syspeed on aminet runs a very short test for the integer and fpu functions during a speed test.

18th January 2015, 01:49
well ran whichamiga and seem its a lc chip,grrr no fpu, got sysspeed workin by instal mui ty
going to swap back the xc 040 and see

18th January 2015, 03:19
well put old 040 xc back in and it all working,fpu and all
while I had the heatsink off I decided to lap it and wow it was not flat at all lol,also used some mx4 paste so it should keep it cooler than it was originally
ty all for help

18th January 2015, 12:38
Puzzle solved then. With active cooling you've got nothing to worry about using the xc chip.

18th January 2015, 23:05
ok sysinfo speed is 14.84 mips and 14326 dhrystones 7.8 mflops. the default 040 in the speed chart show the 040 should be 17000ish dhrystones?? so is mine performing slower than it should??? I also tried another 68040.lib and it went down to 8mips so I put back the original lib and got 14.84 again.
I noticed the a3640 has a few jumpers,do any make it faster ?? like enable a extra cache or something lol