View Full Version : Question about RAM expansion for A500+

17th January 2015, 14:33
I've got an A500+ RAM expansion by Marpet Developments which looks like this:


It clearly states on the sticker that it is for the A500 plus and in fact has no clock hardware but instead of 4 Simm slots its only got two and as a result only increases the chipmem by 512MB.

Its got the solder slots/joints whatever you call them for another two slots, so is it simply a case of soldering on two more slots and becomes a 1mb expansion ?

17th January 2015, 16:09
yes mate i think so:),of course you also have to add the two extra 30 pad simms as well.256k each

they made two versions,the one you have is for the 500,the one with four slots is the 500+ version:)

can you post a picture of the one you have please from the front and back...because there was another version that looks the same made by marpet,i think it was a mp502a

17th January 2015, 18:06
As Roy said, yes.
The A500+ supports two memory banks of 512 KB each on the trapdoor connector, your card is "missing" one of them right now. Solder the SIMM sockets and you're good to go.