View Full Version : What's your opinion on best floppy drive replacement for an A4000?

19th January 2015, 19:11

The DF0: from my A4000 is almost dead (can't read, format or write anything - at least it does light its LED). It's the usual half size HD floppy drive. I can't count the number of HD drives i own which needed repairs at some point: they are not reliable at all. I'm going to ditch it (even if i could not unscrew it from the case the last time i tried).

So i am looking instead for a disk image based replacement.

Clearly that could be an internal HXC drive (they come in white from Lotharek) or the Gotek (they come in white too).

I'm not sure which is the more interesting. I need your opinion to make my choice.
I had once an external HXC drive, but it wasn't very useful for my old A1200.

Note that i still have a catweasel in this computer in case i would be in an urgent need of floppy, with a PC floppy drive (this drive is not very compatible but can read most disks).

Thanks for your help.

19th January 2015, 19:30
I can't count the number of HD drives i own which needed repairs at some point:
What about repair of your drives: you I will send me yours (how many/what stage??) and I will send back one/two fully working in return?

19th January 2015, 21:20
Not quite on the topic but I wouldn't mind taking HD floppy drives under repair.

19th January 2015, 21:45
Thanks for the repair proposals but i don't care about this drive. It is too old.
I already have several Chinon or other brand replacements for A2000 or A4000 repaired by my friend floppy-shugart.
The only computers i won't ever leave withour floppy drives are the keyboards models and the A2000 which is awesome with two floppy drives, but an A4000 deserve something modern.

20th January 2015, 00:44
Have you considered a Kryptonian memory crystal reader?


20th January 2015, 19:50
This ?


Or this?


20th January 2015, 20:08
I put a gotek in my spare A1200, I didn't use it much but it worked well and was very easy to use. For the price they are ideal floppy replacements.

20th January 2015, 20:13
Although the Gotek is cheaper, I'd still recommend the HxC above it. You can use it in almost any Retro computer you own, not just the Amiga and the interface and support are excellent. I also prefer SD to USB. The SD also doesn't stick out as much.


20th January 2015, 20:17
I 2nd the HxC. I like the screen, and knowing what I am loading (not just the number of the file). I use mine with an external floppy drive adapter so I can easily move it between my systems easily.

20th January 2015, 21:21
I'd 3rd the HxC. I have four or five of them and they all work amazingly well. Of course, the Gotek is my second favorite. :)

I've purchased a nice OLED screen that I'm going to try to use as a replacement for the Rev B and Rev C HxC emulators. The screens that come with them have a very slow refresh rate and can be difficult to read when a disk name is scrolling by. I'll post the results here on AmiBay as soon as I have them.