View Full Version : A4000 memory issue?

21st January 2015, 10:27
I recently added 128MB of memory via my Cyberstorm MKII card to my A4000. I have noticed since that sometimes WHDLoad games and demos crash either mid game or before even launching, with errors like this:


Does this look like a memory issue? Is there a tool I can run to test the memory? As I have chip and 2 lots of fast RAM it will be a pain to figure out what is at fault if so. I tried updating to the latest WHDLoad but no improvement.

21st January 2015, 10:42
I've encountered this twice on my CSMKII, once with a faulty memory simm and once when I pushed the card too far when overclocking the 060 CPU.

I would try each simm individually until you find the faulty module.

If the system was stable until you added memory to the CSMKII its likely the memory here that's causing the problem.

21st January 2015, 12:02
I tried removing all of the memory from the CS and still got the same error. If I added the "nocache" tooltype it does work though. Perhaps a compatibility issue rather than memory?

21st January 2015, 12:50
Could it be that one of your mother board simms has developed a fault?

21st January 2015, 13:03
Yeah I guess it's possible, that's why I was hoping there was a test program as trying to figure out which one of 9 SIMMS is faulty by trial and error will be time consuming :lol:

21st January 2015, 14:21
are you using the motherboard 16mb as well edd?

have you tried removing those

21st January 2015, 14:30
Yes still have the MB memory in, is there any advantage to removing it?

21st January 2015, 19:26
i dont know,it was just a thought that came to mind.

seeing as the 128mb has direct memory access on the cpu card.

which memory pool has higher priority in your system?

22nd January 2015, 01:02
MBX 1230 the install disk has MBRTEST-2 on it, used it forever to test RAM you can test just the Cyberstorm RAM or the motherboard RAM or both, set the number of retests and has an easy gui. Checkmem and Memtest on aminet are better for the command line you can test RAM ranges that haven't been autoconfigured, Memcheck has some more features like run only address tests. With any of these you will want to boot with no startup sequence and run the tests from there.