View Full Version : A2000 & Tocatta audio passthrough question.

22nd January 2015, 09:08
I recently acquired a Tocatta board for my a2000 project. The board works perfectly -under KS 3.1 & WB 3.x and 3.x- with apps and WHDLoad games. However, sometimes I want to play FDD games under KS 1.3, but in these cases the audio passthrough does not work.

The connection is: Paula out-AUX2-OUT-SPEAKERS also the two jumpers are switched off, but I can't get any sound from the speakers.

My question is if an simple passive audio mixer can do the job.... I have seen several designs on the web, but I have doubts.....

Any help would be appreciated :)

22nd January 2015, 09:14
Hi mate, the mixer is done by software so it wont work for floppy based games.

I'm pretty sure our friends Marios and Phippscube have done some kind of Audio Mixers for their A1200 projects, maybe check their threads?

22nd January 2015, 09:19
steady(ian steadman,hope i got the spelling right) makes an affordable sound mixer board you can either build yourself(this was my option) or fully made over at eab.
just go to his site or send him a pm for details..

by the way,its active sound mixer and you can adjust the level on it via a pot.and does require power to work.but its a very nice kit

22nd January 2015, 09:33
Thanks a lot guys :thumbsup:

I will check :)

22nd January 2015, 14:38
here is a link so you can see the board(top one is a prototype,production one is underneath)