View Full Version : XGA screen warping issue

22nd January 2015, 18:12
This pic is taken from my iBook G3


You can see the warping. It also has a strange smell like acid/petrol/glue toxic like.

The screen still works but with some yellowing.

I had another laptop which had exactly the same issue but worse. The laptop was dead so I experimented. I removed the top layer of the lcd. It came off like a sticker or vinyl.

It stank, same toxic smell but much worse. And there was what looked like a couple of droplets of a liquid.

I couldn't test it as it was broken.

What could it be ? Is it fixable if I remove that top layer ?

22nd January 2015, 21:10
To be honest, I'd try to inhale as little of that stuff as possible. Could be killing brain-cells with every whiff.

17th April 2015, 12:56
Could it be the anti glare only needs replacing ?

This is the screen working:

As you can see it works but has what looks like humidity behind the screen or something. Look at the black, thats meant to be all black on the wallpaper.