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22nd January 2015, 20:55

I'm having some issues with my A1200 and getting Warp3D to work properly. Were suggested that I should try here for some advice on the matter.

The A1200 specs:
AmigaOS 3.9 with BB2 and CWB
rev 2B motherboard
Blizzard 1260 @ 50MHz with SCSI kit (192MB RAM total)
Mediator 1200TX
Voodoo3 3000
Sound Blaster 128
100mbps ethernet card
8GB CF (500MB system partition)

Got some advice from fitzsteve regarding the drivers. I deleted and copied the correct ones as instructed in this thread: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=708439&postcount=119 Still, I can't properly run 3D games/programs. If I run the demo programs installed with the Warp3D, the image is really sluggish. The image updates once per second when the gear rotates on the screen. If I try to run Warp3D version of Quake (BlitzQuake) I get an error message, see pictures below. The error message in the shell window appear if I run the glquake file. If I run the other one, Malice, the game starts, but the graphics is just a big mess.

http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150122_184939_zps83b0687f.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150122_184939_zps83b0687f.jpg.html)
http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150122_185117_zpsc187f70d.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150122_185117_zpsc187f70d.jpg.html)

I've run the mediator config tool after copying the new drivers over. Also tried running the game without backdrop, which didn't help either. Does anyone have a suggestion to what I could try next here?


23rd January 2015, 10:21
the gears demo will be slow on your system anyway,if it runs it works...

have you tried editing glquake with a text editor?
its set up with a strange screenmode and has to edited to something like 640x480 to output on the voodoo making sure you actually have that mode present,then set uop how much memory for it to use etc.

23rd January 2015, 12:15
Try Blitzquake from here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=72310

23rd January 2015, 16:58
Thanks for the reply. I figured it were working as it were showing the gears, but were unsure if the drivers was correctly installed. If it is supposed to be sluggish on my system, then I guess nothing is wrong regarding Warp3D it self. I'll try editing glquake and have a look in the thread at English Amiga Board.

23rd January 2015, 17:23
Some older Warp3D ports and demos may work badly or not work at all on Voodoo because developers used the only 3D chip Permedia2 available in that times (many Warp3D demos works only on Permedia2).

On the other hand there are not so many 68k games where Warp3D is supported (I know just Quake, Quake2, Descent, Hexen, Payback and yes Sokoban ;o)

23rd January 2015, 19:24
Opened glquake with a text editor and couldn't find anything that were off. After some trial and error, I found out the parameter "-ahi" caused the shell error to pop up. Now the game starts and run fine, except it is suffering from the graphic corruption mentioned earlier. Not sure what causes this... From my experience with PC, this does suggest driver error. I double checked the files, but everything is in place. Suggestions? The games are not really playable with the heavy flickering from the graphics going crazy. I know this should work with voodoo3, as I have seen a video on youtube with similar setup and blitzquake.

http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150123_190643_zps243f47db.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150123_190643_zps243f47db.jpg.html)

23rd January 2015, 19:36
Nice to see you're making progress. The -ahi declaration will use your Sound Card once you've set it up.

As for the glitches, I've seen this when testing on my A4000 with Prometheus PCI:


Sorry I did not find a fix, it was just experimental testing.

Try the BlitzQuake from EAB and see if that helps.

Did you try QuakeII yet? I know it will be very slow but it will be interesting to see if you get glitches.

23rd January 2015, 20:12
The game does glitch like in your video, just a lot worse... :lol: I haven't tried the EAB BlitzQuake, yet. Going to look into that tomorrow. I'll extract and give Quake II a try now. I'm also thinking it might be smart to do a reinstall of the system, start from scratch. Have been installing and experimenting with different drivers and software. Now that I actually have the proper Mediator CD, things should be easier to install and actually work. I'll probably come with an update tomorrow on how things are going. :)

23rd January 2015, 20:19
Be prepared for a Quake II slide show:


Pick MiniGL as the Video driver :)

23rd January 2015, 21:22
Ran the game a little while ago. Wasn't smooth in any way, as expected. But alas, it suffers the same fate as glquake. It does have glitching as well. Before continuing troubleshooting I'll do a reinstall of the system tomorrow. Good thing I backed up a clean CWB install in WinUAE. Now I know how to install and set up a few things, so I hope things will be a bit cleaner than the current install. Hopefully this will solve a few issues, as I've done a few (failed) attempts at getting the mediator stuff working.

24th January 2015, 18:52
Reinstalled the system today. The previous installation had a lot of junk as I've done a lot of trial and error with several programs. Now I used a clean CWB OS 3.9 install and installed everything correctly the first time. Still have the same issue with the glitching, though. Sometimes the game will display just fine, and when I move around a little bit it will start glitching again.

As you can see, "Quake II slideshow" is still glitching. Quake does the same thing as well.

http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150124_154404_zps669ed788.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150124_154404_zps669ed788.jpg.html)

24th January 2015, 19:14
I've got an idea... PM coming

24th January 2015, 21:04
Tried your solution, fitzsteve. For some reason the mediator will not be detected. Ran the install and config, but still no go. Without that, I really can't test the Warp3D/voodoo3.

I did check elbox.com and saw that they released a new update for the Mediator CD the 10th of January this year. Hoped that would do the trick, but was yet again let down. Still glitching...

I think I have to throw in the towel for today. Need to rest and continue the fight tomorrow. ;)

26th January 2015, 21:28
Have done a little bit more testing now. Thought that maybe for some odd reason the card it self is defective. I plugged it into a Windows 98SE computer I have for testing purposes and installed the latest drivers. Played Quake 2 for a while at 800x600, and no issues what so ever. Ran smooth with no glitching. That rules out that theory, that the card it self is the issue.

I then thought, might it be some problem with how it is positioned in the Mediator? The current setup is the Voodoo3 at the bottom PCI, then the fast ethernet NIC and the Sound Blaster 128. I moved the card to the top PCI slot, but then the Amiga refuse to boot into workbench. Does the Mediator have priorities on the PCI slots, that a certain order is preferred? Or is it so that, if it works, it works?

26th January 2015, 21:30
its not he card,multiple people have the seen the glitching effect.

26th January 2015, 21:37
Would guess it is bad drivers. Any known good drivers?

26th January 2015, 21:47
what makes you think its the drivers?

26th January 2015, 21:58
From my experience with PC, such behavior (glitching) would suggest bad drivers. But again, this is a completely different computer platform. I'm still learning, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

26th January 2015, 22:49
i did see this on mine once,cant remember how i got it to go away in the end though.

have you tried reducing the screen size in game? i think you use the - and + keys

27th January 2015, 08:57
It's probably an envarc variable causing it, maybe a lack of available vram?

27th January 2015, 10:37
Might be. How do I adjust the vram? The card is 16mb, so probably should set it to use everything if it doesn't already.

27th January 2015, 11:01
Try to launch the game from a lower colour and resolution to free up some. Also when you run the mediator configuration program you set a memory size but I can't remember the exact settings that worked. Try to look at the settings defined within the text files of my image I sent you and duplicate them as this setup definitely worked. Failing that try the voodoo in another slot, I always used the top slot for voodoo and 4th one down for sound card. I had the 6 slot mediator sx.

27th January 2015, 11:09
you set it to use about 14mb's,if you set it to use all the memory other cards in your system wont work properly.

the configuration file is in env/mediator i think

27th January 2015, 15:16
Allright, I'll do some more testing. Going to try out the different things suggested. Tried moving the voodoo card to the top slot, but that didn't work well. The computer refuse to start the workbench then for some reason. Even if I set it to a native mode before doing so. Worst case I'll set it up from scratch again with the clean CWB install. If that fail, I'll try a clean OS 3.9 without CWB.

27th January 2015, 19:07
Have tinkered with the different settings for a few hours now. Lost count on how many times I've rebooted the system... I tried the settings from your system files, fitzsteve. Didn't help I'm afraid. I tried setting low vram, high vram, nothing made a difference. Tried different options for glquake, low resolution, high resolution, colors, etc. Also tried smaller screen size in-game. Nothing made a difference. I came a cross a note in the documentation for the game saying that if the user experience high amounts of graphical corruption, try setting the Mediator jumper "Wait" as closed. Did that, but then the system would just freeze after booting into workbench.

I did however notice something. When running the Mediator configuration, if I selected "No" for MMU, then the workbench were smoother in a way. The text under the icons didn't appear rough and the shadow on the menu when right-clicking didn't have color speckles anymore. Quake didn't run when this was selected, of course. Just got a white screen that had slight flashing/flickering.

Still haven't tried a clean OS 3.9 install. Have some minor issues getting that working on my Amiga. Hopefully I'll sort that out tomorrow.

27th January 2015, 19:48
i had a thought...what are your settings for the voodoo monitor driver in devs/monitors?

i mean the text in the icon

27th January 2015, 20:27
I just took a picture of the screen, hope that was okay. I installed picasso96 2.1b as per instructions found on the mediator CD. Renamed the driver file CVision3D to voodoo, as you can see. Also included a picture showing what I meant with the text below the icons being rough when selected "Yes" for MMU during the configuration.

http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150127_211544_zps62603b57.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150127_211544_zps62603b57.jpg.html)
http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd414/frankbilder/20150127_211942_zpsd512d07f.jpg (http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/frankbilder/media/20150127_211942_zpsd512d07f.jpg.html)

27th January 2015, 21:06
On the image gave there was a folder of my mmcd, try installing from that, make sure you use Picasso 96 and warp3d from that folder. Let me know how use get on.

28th January 2015, 16:56
Copied over a fresh CWB OS 3.9 install to my CF card and tried your files. Picasso96 were missing the install script, but saw in one of the files that it were version 2.0, so I downloaded that from Aminet. Another issue were the Mediator setup. It doesn't detect my board, since it is newer. The install CD is only for SX and not TX. I just went ahead with my CD for the TX board and P96 2.0 instead of 2.1b that I used earlier. Still the same result in the end, glitching. :(

28th January 2015, 17:18
This is all very strange. Suggest contacting elbox to see if they can advise.

28th January 2015, 18:03
Yes, I expected the setup to be challenging, but now this much trouble. I'll try contacting Elbox. I'm on the lookout for a PPC card, maybe I should put this on hold until I get that card. Not sure if it should make any difference, but worth a try before putting more effort into the matter I guess.

28th January 2015, 18:17
I'd get the 3D issue solved first mate as you'll be gutted if you get your ppc and can't play wipeout lol.

28th January 2015, 19:22
Hehe, going to get a PPC anyway. This is obviously some sort of software issue, so it shouldn't be impossible to figure out. No pain, no gain. :ninja: I'll have to sit down and think a little about the situation and try out some more things. Have to look through everything and see if I can find anything else to configure. Could any of the software included in CWB cause issues like this?

29th January 2015, 08:50
Classic workbench worked for me but I used older versions. Maybe it's a patch in a newer version. Install os3.9 with bb1 and 2 see if you get on better.

29th January 2015, 09:25
its probably worth noting i had seen the glitching effect on older software...

i dont use cwb installs,and i use the older drivers and it was there still.

like i said,i cant remember what i did to fix it...

29th January 2015, 11:38
No problem. Really appreciate the help and input. I'm going to get a pure OS 3.9 install going, might not get time until the weekend. Won't give up yet. ;)

29th January 2015, 19:04
I installed a clean OS 3.9 installation now with BB1 & BB2 applied. Sad to say it didn't help, were greeted with a nice glitching screen when I started quake. Going to try something else tomorrow. Thought I could try to replace the driver files with the ones from an older MMCD.

30th January 2015, 20:30
Did some more testing today. Read somewhere about something called Wazp3D, which is a replacement library file for Warp3D. Thought that could be worth a try, but didn't help at all. 3D software ran really slow, even slower than Quake II. The picture updated once a minute or something like that.

I also tried to copy the driver files from your system files, fitzsteve. Can report that wasn't a sucess either. I also looked further into the parameters for glquake, and added "-litfiles -lm_RGBA", didn't work... or sort of. If I quit the game and started it again, the glitching would to some degree disappear. The flickering would go away, but the textures in the game would have colored lines in them, making it look sort of weird.

I am also going to write elbox an e-mail regarding the issue. Not sure how much they can help, though. Worth a try anyway. I'll report back if I get an answer or try out something else.

1st February 2015, 16:22
Tried some more today. I installed an updated version of picasso96 that I found, version 2.1e is it called. It contains updated drivers. I installed it and now the file names under the icons on the workbench doesn't have graphics corruption any more. But it didn't fix the glitching issue with Quake. I also tinkered with the picasso96 settings for my screen resolution options. I changed it from True Color to True Color & Alpha. I also installed Mediator CD update 2.5 and HSMathLibs. It really gave a boost to the gears demo, whuch runs a lot smoother now. If I start Quake after I reboot the computer, it doesn't glitch like crazy anymore, but the textures in the game have really funky colors. The menu and console screen have colored lines. If I close the game and start it up again, the colors will be correct, but it glitches. Quite strange...

7th February 2015, 16:09
Uploaded a short video showing what's happening with the graphics: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBhYvtWoGbk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBhYvtWoGbk)

I also sent elbox an e-mail today. Hopefully they can provide an answer.

7th February 2015, 19:43
That looks more like a faulty gfx card to me. It looks like you fixed the other problem though.

7th February 2015, 20:11
Are you able to test your Voodoo in a PC? Or have you tested another Voodoo3 in your Mediator?

What about Soundblaster and network card, do they work fine?

What is value of Voodoomem? (somewhere in Env-archive/Mediator/)

7th February 2015, 21:18
Just an idea have you set the wait jumper to closed? And tried that

7th February 2015, 23:53
The card it self is not faulty. I have tested it in a PC with Windows 98SE and works completely fine with the latest drivers. Had no issues playing games with it. The other cards work fine in the Mediator. Voodoomem is currently set at 12, but doesn't matter what value it has, still get the same issue. If I set the wait jumper as closed, the system freezes when workbench is starting.

8th February 2015, 10:44
I uploaded the MedReport.txt file generated by the Mediator Configuration to pastebin if anyone wants to have a look at it: http://pastebin.com/ZNcMXUXg