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24th January 2015, 10:36
Hi all.

My a1200 currently outputs to RGB Scart to a small hd tv/ monitor. I've been trying some of the other resolutions and none seem better than pal high - res.

I have an ACA1232/25 fitted (128mb) but the rest is stock.

On ebay I saw sellers with scart to hdmi boxed for sale, would this enable a better resulotion?

Is there anything else I can do?

24th January 2015, 11:02
the normal resolutions you see in the monitors drivers is as far as it goes without rtg cards.

besides,bigger screen modes equals slower refresh rates and on the chipset there is no way to get around this.

24th January 2015, 11:10
Ok thanks bud

2nd February 2015, 10:48
This device is not that expensive and offers the interlaced modes: http://videolike.org/view/yt=1EiSHSnJ.Jn

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Be aware in some modes you see some artifacts..

2nd February 2015, 12:17
An Indivision AGA MkII will also enable higher resolutions in WB like 800x600, 1024x768 and even 1280x1024. As it is not an RTG, the framerate will go down with higher resolutions, so the mouse can feel very sluggish in 1280x1024 (35 Hz interlaced I think it is) for example. Also, some Lisa chips can create artifacts/glitches in those higher resolutions since it is being over clocked.

I am running 1024x768 on my A1200 with an Indivision.