View Full Version : MacOS 7.5.1 CD-ROM Icon

25th January 2015, 18:49
Hello everyone,

So I need help from a person that is good on the above cited MacOS system. I installed the system from the CD (Apple Sonny Internal CD) but I cannot access it tough it's installed on LUN 0 ID 3. The main problem is that when inserting a CD-ROM disc no CD-ROM icon is shown on the desktop. Any help is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

26th January 2015, 02:49
There should be an Apple CD ROM extension that has to be enabled, which it should be but maybe it isn't. Check System Folder/Extensions and see if it's in there. Not sure if 7.5.1 has the extensions manager but if it does under the Control Panel see if it is enabled.