View Full Version : Offered Recap and various other services.

26th January 2015, 10:13
If you have got an Amiga, or for that matter something else, which requires some TLC, like recapping, battery damage repair, power supply repair, etc. etc. The odds are, that I can provide you with that service.
All of course depending on the availability of certain parts.
No cure no pay conditions apply.
If you're interested, just send me a PM.:)

25th March 2015, 07:08

26th March 2015, 00:26
I've been dusting off some Amiga related stuff ,hoping to sell as I'm very very very short of cash.
Anyway i was looking at one of the Amiga A1200 motherboards and there was this rusty looking ring circle/patch on the metal bottom sheet underneath the mother board.
I was thinking did i once spill coffee on it years ago and forgot?
But i looked closer and it seems as if the big capacitor had leaked out onto the board and underneath.
I won't/can't be posting it anywhere to get it fixed ,but i was wondering is it only good for parts now? (floppy,hard drive keyboard,e.t.c)

26th March 2015, 08:55
Just put them up for sale faulty or not one of us guys will give you fair price for your wares