View Full Version : Mediator - multiple Radeon cards as FastMem

27th January 2015, 15:07
Is it possible to install multiple Radeon cards in Meditor and use them as memory?

27th January 2015, 17:58
Good question!

I think you could possibly install multiple cards and they might show up as Board-0, Board-1, Board-2 and so on in Picasso96 settings. But whether the RadeonMEM setting would allow a value that spans all the cards could be a problem.

I don't think there is a Radeonmem setting per graphics card unless the mediator driver just reads the radeonmem value, assigns that much memory per card and offers it to the system as one huge chunk. Depending on how memory is allocated I wonder if the setup would try to assign the same memory address space for each card.

If you have all the gear why not give it a go? Alternatively I suppose you could just email Elbox and ask them.

Are there programs that use the large quantity of memory that multiple cards could offer?


27th January 2015, 18:32
ive only tried it with two different cards and it worked, a radeon and a voodoo

i im not sure it would work with multiple radeons though.

then again, i havnt found much use for the radeon memory in my system to warrant using it....