View Full Version : Question regarding GBS8220 and Picasso IV = noisy image

28th January 2015, 16:15
I received my Picasso II today and set it up with my A4000 successfully.

I also attached a GBS-8220 but on the Viewsonic LCD it was grainyish and a little noisy. Even Picasso modes were noisy.

I attached another LCD monitor, an inferior 17 inch Videoseven and the Picasso modes are almost totally noisy free. The double scanned (GBS8220) mode is still a bit noisy for my liking but oh well.

My questions are:

A: Why was the other LCD monitor noisy even in Picasso modes, but this one isn't ? EDIT: I can answer my own question. It was the VGA cables I tried. They didnt have all the PINS.

B: Why is GBS8220 modes always noisy ? EDIT: Fixed the clamp settings in the GBS8220 menus and its MUCH better

28th January 2015, 16:58
Hi Dougal,

It's a basic, inexpensive unit.


28th January 2015, 18:15
You can have a look here also: http://www.a1k.org/forum/showthread.php?t=48076

Seems like they been having some good results :thumbsup: